Cluck Old Hen

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Listen to Fiddlin' Power's version of "Cluck Old Hen"  (courtesy of The Internet Archive)

Wow, do I love this song!   A few years ago, I came across the recording above at

the Internet Archive.  It's by Fiddlin' Powers, and it's a great rendition of this is a traditional tune. 

We're not sure who wrote it, but it rocked in 1925, and we wanted to make it rock in

2009.  I wrote about "Cluck" on my blog here: Cluck Blog Post.


Fiddlin' Powers and Family - 1925


We used samples of Fiddlin' Powers version at the beginning and end of our version of the song.


Here's another great instrumental version featuring Allison Kraus and Sierra Hull:



Finally, here are the lyrics as we sang them:


Cluck old hen, cluck and sing
Ain't laid an egg since 'way last spring.

My old hen's a good old hen
Used to lay eggs for the railroad men.

Sometimes one, sometimes two
Sometimes enough for the whole darn crew.

Sometimes nine, sometimes ten
That's enough eggs for the railway men.

That old hen, she was raised on a farm

Now she struts in the barnyard, diggin' up corn.


Cluck old hen cluck real loud

She lays one little egg and she walks real proud

So cluck old hen, cluck and squall
She ain't laid an egg since 'way last fall. 

My old hen, she won't do 

Use to lays eggs and taters too.


Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck old hen…etc