Call My Name - A Breast Cancer Benefit


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Call My Name

Our most recent work in the studio has resulted in Call My Name, a song that we're all pretty proud of and that we hope hits it BIG because all proceeds will go to breast cancer charities.  This song was inspired by own wife as I watched her incredible strength and courage while she went through treatment for breast cancer. While the song is rooted in our story and our lives, it is my hope that it can speak to anyone who has watched someone they love suffer through this terrible disease. While a cancer diagnosis can take away so much, it can also highlight the power of love between two people. For that reason, I dedicate this song to all women who have battled breast cancer and to all the people who have watched them suffer and wished so badly that it was as simple as having them call out for help.

We had the pleasure of working with some new and very talented musicians in a new studio here in Francestown.  The studio is Brown Dog Studio, with engineer extraordinaire Ron Blomberg at the helm.  The musicians were Anne Blomberg on piano and Ian and Jacob McKay on violin and cello respectively.  Then, of course, Chris, Dave and Gavin were there to lend their awesome musical talents.  Finally, I want to thank Liz Gosselin, the wonderful artist who donated the art work that you see below for the song.  Thanks to all!  

Click here to hear this song and download the MP3 at CDBABY