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Steve Dreher and Friends

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Pictures and Reviews

"Steve and Friends entertain the little ones with rock music for
kids...the band loves to see kids dance and have fun at live shows."
                                                              -Francestown News 8/05

"The band plays music that parents can enjoy, too...The albums offer a lot of
musical diversity for both the musicians and the listener.  Song ideas come from
childhood memories or something one of the band member's kids said...How else can
you account for songs about peanut and jelly, bikes, puddles trains and balloons?"
                                  -The Milford Cabinet 1/04

"If you have an energetic bunch of kids that love to sing and dance this is your music! Steve Dreher and Friends are teachers by trade which explains how they put these fast and lively tunes together knowing what kids want. The music includes dinosaurs, animals, fish, and even MUD. Incorporating many genres and sound effects they pride themselves on using their music to bring out the kid in everyone. Teaching themes include "Alphabet Blues" and "Left, Right?" but your kids won't know this is a learning experience. It will all be through osmosis....hearing the tunes and groovin with the beat.  This album is recommended for pre-schoolers through 2nd grade but can be shared with older siblings and parents as well."
                                                                                                        - To the


"Performances that are aimed at pleasing not just our
children, but the children in all of us"
                 - The Milford Cabinet - 7/02