The Graduation Song (Hello World)

A Song for

Graduates Everywhere!!!!

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This June, I had the honor of speaking at Souhegan High School's graduation.  Inspired by the graduates'
good humor, optimism, energy and talent, I wrote a song as part of the speech.  After the ceremony, enough people approached
and asked me to record it, that Gavin and I decided to head into the studio and record a live version.  We were joined by Dave,
a member of the class of 2007 and an AWESOME pianist.  The song was recorded and engineered at the high school with the help
 of Carl Benevides, band director, saxophonist and producer extraordinaire!  We recorded both the original
"Souhegan" version and a 'radio mix' for graduates everywhere.  They are available exclusively through digital download.  Enjoy!    
We will donate all proceeds from the sales of the Souhegan
version of  the song to a scholarship fund for graduating seniors.


Singing for the graduates
Everybody singing along       
Need Lyrics?  Send us a note at, we'll send them along!