Weaver John

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This is the song that gave me the idea for the CD - it was published in the 1891 version of 
The Collier's Youth Companion - my great grandmother's first grade primer.  No author was given.  
I'd never heard of it, no one I knew had heard of it, and even the mighty Google turned up nothing.  
It seemed to be a lost song, so I thought it would be fun to bring it back.  We did, of course, loosen up 
the rhythm a bit ...here's a piano version, performed by our good friend Dave Orr, as it was written.  
Can't you just imagine those late 19th century school kids (my great-grandmother 
among them) standing around the piano singing as the schoolmarm played this tune?



Weaver John


Down in a cottage lives Weaver John and a happy old soul is he


Maud is the name of his dear old dame  and a blessed soul is she




Wickety, Wackety, click and clack


How the shuttles do glance and ring


Here they go, here they go forth and back


And a sociable song they sing


Kitty is frisking about the floor with her kittens one two three four


Towser is taking a lazy nap on the settle behind the door





Soft as the hum of the dame’s low wheel does the music of time roll on


Morning and noon of a useful life bring a peacefully setting sun